Перегляд новини


Students of finance faculty of TNEU had the opportunity to plunge in English studying during whole week.

Monday: look at http://podatky.tneu.edu.ua/show-news/1022

On Tuesday morning, pupils of schools and students of TNEU College participated in «School & College Battle». The competition began with presentation of the names and slogans of the teams, then it continued with interesting crosswords, economic terms guessing and etc. Active, energetic and confident participants completed all the tasks and had a lot of fun. In the afternoon, all interested had meeting with representative of the Ryan Research Center, Sharon Joyce Accol, who shared her thoughts concerning high education and actual problems in Ukraine and the United States.

On Wednesday, students practiced English by participating in quest «Searching for financial treasure», which consisted of 7 rounds. After that, they played games («Mafia», «Scrabble», «Monopoly») in lounge area of finance faculty.

On Thursday, scientific and practical student conference "Fiscal Policy of Ukraine in the Conditions of European Integration Processes" was held in the university library. The reports were presented by students of the faculty of finance: Andrii Sorokivskyi (group FMS-42) – "Customs regulation of used cars import into Ukraine"; Ihor Novak (group FMS-42) – "Customs control in Ukraine: problems of implementation and ways of improvement"; Maria Platonova (group FMS-41) – Organizational and legal aspects of the customs authorities in Ukraine"; Lilia Chubata (group FFAm-11) – "The financial basis of the formation of self-sufficient united territorial communities"; Tetiana Kotsiuk (group FFAm-11) – "Tax burden and the shadow economy: dialectics of interdependence" and others.  All students, participated in this event, got the certificates and little presents.

On Friday, students watched funny cartoon in English and after that could check their skills of singing in English together with teachers of Department of Taxes and Fiscal policy.